Who We Are

Al Bashayer Meat Company S.A.O.C, a closed joint stock company, established in 2016, with the vision to be the Trusted Meat Supplier for Oman. The strategy is to run an integrated red meat project which emphasizes on Live Animals import from various sources, fatten them, slaughter them in in a ‘state of the art’ abattoir and process the meat for distribution into the different market segments including potential export markets. Besides the Main Meat Product Stream, ABMC will be pursuing value added processing of the inedible and other edible animal parts, to ensure maximum utilization of the animal and therefore, increase sustainability and contribute to the Oman’s Food Security Vision.



To become the preferred meat brand in Oman and GCC.



To serve the highest quality meat and become an Oman Brand meat provider offering Healthy, Quality Halal meat.



✺ Provide reliable, high quality branded red meat in Oman

✺ Improve food security and ensure food safety

✺ Become a trusted source for locally fattened red meat

✺ Establish a ’state of the art’ abattoir

✺ Utilize the by-products from slaughterhouse

✺ Creation of jobs to Omanis

✺ Development of Omani Breeds

✺ Ensure sustained supply of Animal feed (Internal / External)


What We Do

Integrated Red Meat Project

Integrated Red Meat Project is planned to be executed in Thumrait, Dhofar Governorate. The project consists of a modern and well-organized farm that is equipped with high standard facilities and a modern Abattoir that is attached to a boning and meat Processing facility.

The project strategy is to procure healthy animals from over the globe to our modern & hygenic facility at Thumrait. Further the animals will be settled in cleaner pins with an adequate space to move around in compliance with the international standards that ensure all time veterinary services, the animals will be fed through a modern system that shall ensure the feeding of quality & sufficient nutriment feed.

Due to local breeds uniqueness and consumer’s preference, the local breeds will not be neglected and ABMC has the intention to establish a breeding and fattening program that will ensue the consistent supply of the Omani breed animals.

By implementing the Hygiene and food safety standards (HACCP and ISO) and by using the latest methods in the meat processing industry, ABMC will produce Quality Halal meat products that can meet our customer’s passion. ABMC will always have the ability to process various meat products like burgers, sausages, etc. ranging differently to serve the customer expectations & taste.

In addition to meat business, ABMC will build a rendering plant for hide processing and to process by products to ensure maximum utilization.

Due to the strong ability to handle large volumes of meat and products, ABMC will provide fresher products with a competitive pricing to retail and wholesale/HORECA market. The Company also understand the need to deliver high-quality products to the public and have embarked on a retail butchery chain that will give a new shopping experience. These Butcheries will offer quality Omani and International Meat Products, directly to the public.