Appointment of Authorised Local Area Dealer

Appointment of Authorised Local Area Dealer

Al Bashayer Meat Company is Oman’s First and largest integrated Red Meat Company in the region, established in line with the national objective of being self-sufficient in meeting the red meat protein requirements of Oman.

Al Bashayer with its state-of-the-art facility and disease-free farms is committed to provide freash, healthy, halal and tasty meat for all and brings the advantage of convenience to all by serving as a one-stop solution to secure quality meat for varied needs. Located in Wilayat Thumrait, the Governorate of Dhofar the integrated facility which includes farms, feedlots, state-of-the-art abattoir and processing plant, follow exacting standards of Sharia compliance, safety, hygiene and quality control to ensure purity and taste.

The company is looking for Local Area Dealer for the livestock sale of Cattle, Sheep and Goats from Al Bashayer Meat Company Farms, located in Wilayat Thumrait, Dhofar Governorate.

  • Local Area Dealers will be appointed for each area of Oman for sales in the respective regions having authorised licensed farms.
  • Dealers should have disease-free farms with healthy/hygienic conditions and holding area for animal comfort and welfare.
  • Excellent relationship with local consumers/buyers is essential and must be located at a convenient place.
  • Strong and stable financial background is a must.

Interested Traders and Dealers, dealing currently with livestock sales and with their own holding areas, may apply, in the prescribed format available at Al Bashayer Meat Company SAOC, Al Nahda Building 2, 8th Floor , Office No. 1, Ghala, Muscat.

For more details call 9755 5353

Hydro-Geological Study for Al Bashayer Meat Project Premises

Al Bashayer Meat Company signed a contract with AZD Engineering Consultancy to provide consultancy services to construct two water wells to meet the water requirement for the project facility in Thumrait, Dhofar Governorate.

The Consultancy service will be implemented in three phases: Hydrogeological Investigation, Hydrogeological Exploration and conversion to the Production Wells. Among the above three phases, the first phase is considered to be the most critical stage that will qualify the project to implement phase 2 and 3.

The area is underlain by four types of aquifers that will be explored by the Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) technique of geophysical investigation. The phase 2 will carry the drilling and aquifer testing program in order to assess the aquifer characteristics and well performance.

Lead Consultant Contract Signing

Al Bashayer Meat Company SAOC has signed on 14th December 2017 a master consultant agreement for the Integrated Red Meat Project in the Wilayat of Thumrait in the Governorate of Dhofar with Lead Consultant for Architectural and Engineering Consultancy, which will set up the design and supervise the construction of the project.

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