Al Bashayer Meat Company announces exclusive Eid Al Adha order for livestock

Muscat, July 25th 2019 – Al Bashayer Meat Company, Oman’s first and the region’s largest integrated red meat company is pleased to announce livestock for sale, from its integrated farms located in Thumrait, Dhofar, so that both individuals and dealers can benefit from fresh and healthy meat, this Eid.

Al Bashayer Meat Company was established in the framework of the national vision to achieve self-sufficiency and food security of red meat protein in Oman. Therefore, the company is committed to providing Halal red meat, healthy, delicious and fresh to all.

With its state-of-the-art facility and disease-free hygienic farms, Al Bashayer is committed to provide fresh, healthy, hygienic, tasty halal meat and brings the advantage of convenience to all by serving as a one-stop solution to secure quality meat for varied needs. Located in Wilayat Thumrait, the Governorate of Dhofar, the integrated facility, which includes modern hygienic farms with feedlots, a state-of-the-art abattoir and processing plant, follow exacting standards of Sharia compliance, safety, sanitation, hygiene and quality control to ensure purity and taste. Additionally, the livestock at Al Bashayer is only fed with natural feed so as to provide the highest quality meat with local flavour, to its consumers. Extensive global sanitation measures and hygiene standards have been put into place to make sure no contamination occurs. The use of modern technology such as vacuum and MAP packaging ensures only the best product with the best taste is offered

Speaking on the occasion, Eng. Musab Hilal Al Busaidi, Production Manager of Al Bashayer Meat Company said, “We at Al Bashayer Meat want to be the one-stop solution for securing quality meat for all occasions. We follow the exacting standards of Islamic Sharia compliance, safety, hygiene, sanitation, and quality control ensuring utmost purity and taste.”

Dr. Ghalib Said Al Saidi, General Manager, Al Bashayer Meat Company said, “The primary objective is to promote food security and self-sufficiency in the Sultanate of Oman. We strive to provide reliable, high quality, fresh, halal branded red meat, maintaining the highest hygiene standards, best for human consumption.”

With the livestock meeting the highest requirements of quarantine and health standards, Al Bashayer welcomes all, individuals and dealers to order livestock for Eid Al Adha.

Al Bashayer Meat Company wishes you and your family a blessed Eid Al Adha!

About Al Bashayer Meat Company

Al Bashayer Meat Company S.A.O.C, a closed joint stock company, established in 2016, with the vision to be the Trusted Meat Supplier for Oman. Al Bashayer integrated project emphasizes on raising live-stock in Oman, fatten them, slaughter them in in a ‘state of the art’ abattoir and process the meat in highly sanitized modern processing plant for distribution into the different market segments including potential export markets. Besides the Mainstream Meat Products, ABMC will be pursuing value added processing of the edible parts. Other inedible animal parts will be processed for down-stream products, to ensure maximum utilization of the animal and therefore, increase sustainability and contribute to the Oman’s Food Security Vision.

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