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Al Bashayer Meat Company is Oman’s first and the region’s largest integrated red meat project. Established in the framework of the national vision to achieve self-sufficiency and food security of red meat protein in Oman, contributing towards the country’s employment plans and food economy. This integrated project emphasizes on raising livestock in Oman including cows, sheep, goats, camels and fattening them, ensuring they are healthy and well-nourished and adhering to Sharia laws in the slaughtering process at the state-of-the-art abattoir. The meat is then processed in a highly sanitized modern processing plant for distribution into the different market segments including potential export markets.


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With our state-of-the-art facility and disease-free hygienic farms, Al Bashayer is committed to becoming the Trusted Meat Supplier for Oman and The Region, by providing fresh, healthy, hygienic, tasty halal meat and brings the advantage of convenience to all by serving as a one-stop solution to secure quality meat for varied needs.


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Building trust among the consumers, shareholders, suppliers, business partners and media by establishing a brand that is highly transparent.


Maintaining highest standards in tools and resources selection, processes design and business decisions to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and growth.


Demonstrating ethical principles in relationships with co-workers, customers and stakeholders, while acting with honor, truthfulness and a willingness to admit our mistakes.


Working in collaboration with colleagues and staff members to achieve a common bigger organizational goal and reap the benefits collectively.


Committed to maintain highest health, safety and animal welfare standards at all times.

CEO Message

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Al Bashayer Meat Company was founded to deliver to the needs of red meat consumers in Oman and the region. Quality and commitment are at the score of our culture. Our primary objective is to promote food security and self-suciency in the Sultanate of Oman. We strive to provide reliable,high quality, fresh, halal branded red, meat, maintaining the highest hygiene standards, best for human consumption.


Dr. Ghalib Said AL Saidi

Chief Executive Officer


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Hydro-Logical Consultant

Contract signing with the Hydro-Logical consultant for our integrated meat project at Thumrait. ...

Land Usufruct Contract

Al Bashayer Meat Company signed the land usufruct Contract with the Ministry of Housing for a period of 30 years, the c ...

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Al Bashayer Meat Company signed the contract with a qualified consultant to carry out the Environmental Impact Assessme ...

Lead Consultant Contract Signing

Al Bashayer Meat Company SAOC has signed on 14th December 2017 a master consultant agreement for the Integrated Red Mea ...

Hydro-Geological Study for Al Bashayer Meat Project Premises

Al Bashayer Meat Company signed a contract with AZD Engineering Consultancy to provide consultancy services to construc ...

Appointment of Authorised Local Area Dealer

Al Bashayer Meat Company is Oman’s First and largest integrated Red Meat Company in the region, e ...

Al Bashayer Meat Company invites applications for the appointment of authorised local dealers for sale of livestock

Al Bashayer Meat Company, Oman’s first, and largest integrated red meat company in the region, is pleased to invite a ...

Al Bashayer Meat Company announces exclusive Eid Al Adha order for livestock

Muscat, July 25th 2019 – Al Bashayer Meat Company, Oman’s first and the region’s largest integrated red meat ...

Al Bashayer livestock now available across Oman to meet the demand of healthy disease-free livestock

Al Bashayer Meat Company, Oman’s first and the region’s largest integrated Red Meat Project is happy to announce th ...


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Al Bashayer people are its greatest asset. As we enhance our footprint and develop our portfolio, full-time vacancies will open up from time to time at our corporate office in Muscat and production plant in Thumrait.

For those who enjoy the challenge of competing in the regional marketplace, and want to contribute towards food security in Oman with us, our openings will be advertised on our LinkedIn Page.

Contact : hr@albashayer.om